As I came to a close of my first book, I started Far Far Away by Tom McNeal. I am not incredibly far into this book, and am still confused on some different aspects, but I overall think I am beginning to understand what the author is doing. 

This book is narrated by a ghost, Jacob, and he hangs around a boy names Jeremy, who lives in a small town where nothing really happens. Jacob continues to say “the studies, Jeremy. The studies, the studies, the studies.” (pg. 27) Although I have no idea what this means, I can tell that the author is trying to hint at something (obviously) and it brings out a good way to lead readers, much like myself, on. I am the type of person who loves books that pull the reader in and make it really hard to put the book down, and the author does this by leaving little hooks around the book. This leaves me waiting for them all to tie together. In the beginning, the novel can actually seem quite confusing. It can have several people talking at one time, and then all of a sudden a ghost is talking, but only one person there can hear him. This took a while for me to catch on, but I eventually got the hang of it. 

McNeal has a distinct way of showing that nothing exciting or fun happens in this town. He gives you almost the dark and gloomy feeling as your reading. He has yet to describe the town into great detail, but I still feel like I can picture it as if everyone is rolling through the motions of their every day lives. 

Overall, this book is continuing to hook me in more and more, but I have yet to have some dirty water cleared up. I believe the author is trying to show a different side to the world, as if there is more than just us humans out here, as if there are ghosts by our sides and certain people are able to see them.