As I am coming to the close of my book, Far Far Away by Tom McNeal much of the puzzle pieces are coming together. McNeal writes in such a way that a lot of the tiny details to matter in the book. For example, Ginger, the main girl character, met Jeremy Johnson Johnson, the main male character, as they were eating cake at the bakery. McNeal made this scene seem like a drag at first, but then you realize that this was the very moment that Ginger became interested in Jeremy. Before Jeremy was hanging out with Ginger, he didn’t do much but study for classes to make sure he can go to a good college that is very far away from this town. Now that they are well friends, she got Jeremy to help pull a prank on the town baker, she snuck into his room and “accidentally” spent the night, and they become the talk of the town. 

This took me by surprise as in the beginning of the book McNeal made Jeremy out to be a guy who lived in his attic surrounded by fairy tails that his mother left behind. Jeremy also was known as the town weirdo because he claimed to be able to hear ghosts, specifically Jacob Grimm, the narrator of this novel. Jacob actually helped Jeremy study for his classes. Once Jeremy began to hang out with Ginger, the Author made sure to show the change. Jeremy got involved with the town, maybe even stirring up some chaos. 

McNeal gave this novel a twist by intermixing real life situations with fantasy. By having a ghost narrarate the story, it gave a great twist and keeping it very different from anything I have ever read before. This novel shows that the idea of a “happily ever after” may not always be the case for fairy tales or reality.