Throughout my senior year, I’ve read many books and have been able to reflect on nearly each one. This has helped strengthen both my reading and my writing skills.

Within my reading this year, I was able to use literature to discuss modern issues. I did this through my research paper, “Corrupt, Forgotten, and Underestimated”, by reviewing many articles to find out modern issues within the topic. This took some time to make sure that the information all lined up, but in the end it left me with great understanding and a full research paper.

As I read many books, assignments required me to analyze a text in a way that reveals a deeper meaning. This was accomplished in “Fahrenheit 451 Reflection”. This essay covers a short summary of the book and a reflections that digs into the deeper meaning of the book. I was able to express how I thought of the book, but also explain what it meant to me. Another example I had of this was when I took quotes from Hamlet and put them into my own words to show the true meaning and how it meant to me. I did this in “Hamlet Final Project”. I was also able to discover more about the characters themselves while analyzing the quotes.

Finally, I solidifies personal choice and tastes in reading throughout this year. I did several different reading responses with the different books I read, but some that really show my taste in reading and growth in how I read are “Reading Response #3” and “Reading Challenge Response”. In both of these reviews, I was able to express my own thoughts, but also how the author writes these books, of which I like both.

I have been able to grow with my reading and responses to my reading this year in English 4. I know I have learned how to develop pace by tracking my reading and reading more than I have ever had to for any class. I have also learned how to really look into the text and how an other is writing to understand more about the book and the plot. This year had really helped me look deeper into books and what they can truly mean.