In English 4, seniors write several different kinds of papers. This helps people grow now only with their writing skills, but also the editing skills.

I was challenged to write multiple genres and work to master different requirements of different genres. I successfully did this through three different pieces; “LaPaz”, “Solar Storms”, and “Letters To My Mother”. These are each different genres because “LaPaz” is written as a review for a restaurant, “Solar Storms” is written as a reflective essay, and the “Letters To My Mother” are in a letter format. I was able to write in many different styles to still get my point across.

Another thing I was able to do was build skills on how to write in a formal tone and dig into research/text. I wrote a research paper about farming and had to do a lot of research. This show the formal text throughout the paper, especially throughout the history part. I did extensive research to finish this paper and give it a formal tone and successful get my point across, while sounding like I know what I’m talking about.

Along with several writing reflections, in English 4, I developed a scholarly and reflective voice within my writing. I spent class time working on several reading reflections, which helped me develop a reflective tone within essays. One paper I showed this in was “Letters To My Mother”. I was able to show on how my views have changed as I have grown up. This was a different way of writing, but it also helped me keep the paper interesting, while reflecting on how my mom has affected me. 

Overall, my writing has grown immensely throughout my senior year. While creating or finishing some of the pieces above, I was able to fix some past mistakes. Some of these include being descriptive, staying away from passive voice, and getting several sources to make sure my facts are true. I am proud to see how much my writing has grown, especially because I had never wrote a paper over four or five pages.